Saturday, October 8, 2011

Christmas Gifts and my Herb Garden

 I AM NOT A COOK, but a lot of our friends expect me to be because I am married with a toddler and haven't found a job that justifies paying daycare. ( IE I WANT to work, but in my last job I literally would have been paying to work.)

We often get wonderful homemade gifts from friends, they are the type of friends that appreciate homemade gifts in return. This year as you know I planted an herb garden where I buried a St. in a toy story sandwich baggie in hopes of selling our house to be a family all the time again.

The thought came to me that not many people have an expansive herb garden filled with the likes of Lemon Verbena and several types of basil such as mine..... 

Then it came to be that dried herbs in lovely mason jars would be a wonderful gift to give to my friends who actually do love to cook !  Simple, easy and CHEAP! 

  1. Step One, grow the herbs
  2. Step Two, harvest the herbs wash and dry in a salad spinner
  3. Step Three, place in food dehydrator 
  4. Step 4 when dry put in mason jars. 
  5. STEP 4 MAKE SURE YOU LABEL the jars before you get mixed up and have to start tasting and guessing what herb is what...