Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The new age of being a parent, wife adult

The technology age has given a new meaning of what it means to be a parent. Whether you stay at home , go to work or work from home, times have changes since our parent's generation. Today's new wave of adults bargain shop to extremes and are not embarrassed about it. In fact a study has shown that more affluent shoppers use coupons more.

* More affluent consumers ($70k+) are considered super heavy coupon2 users (39 percent compared to 35 percent for total U.S. households) and coupon enthusiasts (42 percent compared to 35 percent for total U.S. households.)

We now have tons of recipes at our finger tips with several detailed directions, everything from  elaborate meals to crock pot sensations.

Many of us find other ways to gain an extra  income while at home, where it be Craigslist, Ebay or Survey& Product Testing Sites.

All of these things are a foreign language to many older people and therefore because they do not understand it, it is better from them to put down, criticize and judge.  So don't let those older members of you family put you down for being a new generation of adult using technology to enhance your lives!

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