Thursday, September 8, 2011

How did I end up here...

Today I am making SALSA and it is ALL one of my best friends Kristin's fault.  One year she gave us homemade salsa as a Christmas gift.  My husband and I tried it and realized it was MUCH better than the store stuff. I HATE to cook but LOVE to eat. ( Maybe why my weight fluctuates up and down 20-40 lbs depending on the season ugh!) So what is a girl to do... Either raid her friends stash or learn to make it.  I wanted to just sneak a few jars out of her house at a time with out her noticing but the husband nixed that idea...

So I asked her how she did it and then googled a few ideas that contained step by step pictures. Then last year I told my Mom my plan and she asked if I needed admitted to the hospital and promptly checked me for a fever. Confirming I was not sick but maybe mentally she kindly gave me a large amount of Roma Tomatoes from her garden, fresh garlic , onions and peppers she and my Dad grew. Still confused she sent me on my way.

So before you start or think it is too complicated go here to see the step by step pictures and instructions.  More to follow later gaters!

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