Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Green Mountain Chips & Giveaway.

I owe an apology to Green Mountain, my entire family has been sick since Dec off and on. This review just didn't get written in time.  It was suppose to tell you to give this as a Christmas gift. I still say give this to someone you love or keep it all for yourself..

So I confess. Green Mountain chips sent aweseome  chips and salsa. The problem is my family ate them before I could get good pictures. Then I bought some replacements and it happened again. My son, husband and myself really enjoy the products from Green Mountain a little too much. 

These are perfect as an unique teacher gift. Teacher don't want random crafts. If they saved every homemade craft from Pinterest they would need another floor to their home, second garage or random storage building. Everyone else does chocolate . So give them something they can have in case a random holiday guest! Awesome for both genders of teachers too!

Green Mountain had sent me a jar of salsa and chips but that didn't last a day in my house. So I went to whole foods to stock up. This  didn't last a week in my house....

Check out the Green Mountain Story here
They are a great natural brand that doesn't get moldy fast. ( The whole foods brand of Salsa became moldy after 3 days in my fridge, 3 different containers.

If you want to win Green Mountain Chips and Salsa enter here! 

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  1. Chips are salsa are usually an afternoon snack, but we also eat them late in the evening long after we have eaten dinner.

  2. I love to eat chips and salsa during a sports game - shaunie