Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tourist in Your Own Town-Seldom Seen Mine

        Liked to explore? Learn new things? Travel? Limited time or budget? Try being a tourist in your own town! I know a lot of people think that their own town has nothing to do, turns out you may just need to find your ADVENTURE!

I want my child ( and nephews) to remember the fun times with me.  I don't want them to look back when they are adults thinking I spent all my time cooking and cleaning. A clean house only lasts a little bit of time but memories last forever .

My current location is the Laurel Highlands area. Most people say there is NOTHING to do in Johnstown and the surrounding areas. I can prove them wrong and help them do it cheap!

Yesterday I kidnapped my nephews and took them to the Seldom Seen Tourist Mine located in Hastings, PA. It was a BIG hit with all the kids ranging from 4 to 12 years old.  We went  500 feet underground in little coal train wearing hard hats of course!

Seldom Seen Tourist
Coal Mine

Show your Giant Eagle Advantage Card® and receive $1 off each Adult regular mine tour or 50¢ off each children’s regular mine tour. For more information call 1-800-237-8590.

The biggest tip is use the address 353 Seldom Seen Rd, 16646 Hastings, PA

 This is not their actual address because they do not have an actual physical address but ti will take you right to the mine. 

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