Friday, March 21, 2014

What to say

A few people have asked me why the companies send me so many coupons.  I never demand coupons or ask for anything.  I do compliment the company for a product  I love or ask a question. Recently my family added a new baby. I remembered that my son had horrible reactions to several brands of diapers. I emailed every diaper company and asked questions about their diapers. Seventh Generation went above and beyond and sent me several samples of not only their diapers but their products. This is a great marketing technique because now I buy Seventh Generation products because of how kind the company was to me. Also, they made me feel good when they sent the package and I automatically associate Seventh Generation as being good for my baby.  I now have their wipes and diapers as a subscribe and save delivery via Amazon Mom..

Here is a re-post from my former blog as an example of what to include in your letter.

Emailing Companies

Do you want better coupons than come out in the paper? It easier than it sounds. You do not need to have a complaint to get the coupons for FREE items. In fact I have found that you get better coupons if you COMPLIMENT the companies.

I have a spread sheet of everyone I have emailed , what I have said and what I have received . It is located here:

When you email companies do not beg for coupons or demand them. I have already been much more successful than the 39 dollar Experiment guy.

He is an example what NOT to do. He was a little bit successful, but I have received much more than him in my quest for coupons for free and high dollar values.

Tips for Emailing Companies
  1. State WHERE you buy the item
  2. State HOW or that you use the item often
  3. State why you like the item.
  4. Ask if you can be added to a mailing list or ask if they ever put coupons in the sunday paper.


We love your _prouduct name_, my husband and I always have _______ on our weekly grocery list. It make ours lives much easier. Please add me to your mailing list I would love to be kept aware of your new product developments. Also please let me know if you ever put coupons in the Sunday paper!

Mailing address

( make it part of the signature)

And that is how I have gotten a lot of coupons for free items!

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