Thursday, June 5, 2014

$0.00 at Harris Teeter!

Today I went to Harris Teeter and was able to buy all of these for FREE with coupons sent to me directly from the companies.

  1. Two MADE IN NATURE DRIED FRUITS ( great for our swim bag this summer) Regular price $6.49
  2. 1 6 pack of Hansen's Orangic  Regular price $2.99
  3. 1 package Gailleo Salmai   Regular price $4.69
  4. 1 package Gailleo Peperoni Regular price $4.69
  5. 1 package Pacific Soup regular price $4.59
  6. 2 packages Mama Mancini Meatballs  They are Buy 1 Get one Free and Harris Teeter and I had a coupon for a free package. The regular price is $7.49. I was able to get both packages for free. 
 Total Value $44.96 of free groceries!

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