Sunday, January 4, 2015

Baby in Stroller a Health Code Violation Say What ?

I am currently at Let's Dish and won't be returning. We had the baby in a stroller no where near the food but was falling asleep in her stroller. This business could be amazing for new Moms but I wouldn't return. My husband and I had to take turns fixing meals which takes away from the experience. The meals are made from frozen not fresh ingredients as well, so there really isn't much here if you don't get the experience. More to come later.

1. When we entered we asked if it was okay to bring kids to the establishment. We we told of course they even had a kids club. 

2. Then I asked what would be easier with the baby, a stroller or carseat. The first person didn't seem to care. 

3. My husband and son were dishing as I was taking a few pictures, because that is what I do when we go places.   Soon the manager came over and pointed to the baby calling her a health code violation. ( I would have understood more if they said a fire hazard since she was in our stroller, even though there was plenty of room and not a lot of patrons. 

4. So my husband and I had to take turns assembling meals. A lot of the items are pre-frozen which is concerning because I don't exactly know how letting something go from Frozen to cold to Frozen again isn't a health code violation, especially meat. 

5. The meals were okay, but honestly I can make a lot of them cheaper, faster, with higher quality ingredients and more efficiently in my own home.   

  Examples of what we assembled to freeze: 

I bought the Groupon because I wanted to try this for several reasons,
1. share something with my son who desperately wants to be on a kids cooking show like Rachel Vs Guy or Master Chef Junior. 
2. I wanted something that will make our lives easier in the summer when we get extremely busy enjoying our new city. ( I live near Baltimore and there is more than The Wire here, in fact there is a ton to do and I plan to do it. 

I now know this is not something I can do alone with two well behaved children, even one safely strapped in the stroller and an older child that is extremely responsible and well behaved.

This was the CEOS response, which makes me think there was a major lack of communication in this company.. As one person tells me the baby is a health code violation and  CEO says this.  

Most places don't count a baby as an extra person for things that are family friendly. I am more offended they told me my baby was a health code violation when she indeed was not. This pretty much was the reason I won't go back to the store, because normally I have two kids alone during the day and I am not going to leave my baby in a waitng area while I dish meals. I also WOULD NEVER TAKE CHILDREN TO A PLACE THAT IS NOT KID FRIENDLY, but THEY HAVE A KIDS CLUB! Which made me think it was okay to bring my children. 

 I bought the groupon for the experience, but none of the meals are worth what they charge if you are paying full price, due the lack of fresh quality ingredients. I usually pay for the leanest beef possible, but I doubt that is what they use. 

In-Store Session
Choose a 4, 8, or 12 dish session. Each dish has six servings. (Sound like too much food? You can split most dishes in half.)

  Cost Per Session Per Dish Per Serving  
1 Dishes $29 $29.00 $4.83  
4 Dishes $114 $28.50 $4.75  
5 Dishes $141 $28.20 $4.70  
6 Dishes $168 $28.00 $4.67  
7 Dishes $195 $27.86 $4.64  
8 Dishes $210 $26.25 $4.38  
9 Dishes $237 $26.33 $4.39  
10 Dishes $264 $26.40 $4.40  
11 Dishes $291 $26.45 $4.41  
12 Dishes $300 $25.00 $4.17  
13 Dishes $327 $25.15 $4.19  



  1. That's crazy! I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. I have never heard of this place. But it's ridiculous that you called ahead to make sure your daughter would be okay and then they insulted you by calling her a health code violation. You are right about that being poor communication.

  2. WOW. I never heard of that before and I have worked in food service for most of my professional life. Interesting.......

  3. I am beyond confused. I don't understand the 'dish' concept at all. You aren't cooking but apparently repackaging frozen foods to be taken home, frozen again, and heated at some later date? I also have no idea how a stroller can violate health codes unless it is being used to store food. I do understand that a kid's club can have a minimum age requirement but in this instance I just can't see how your wearing your baby on your back would have hurt anyone. So much for what could have been a lovely family experience. Let's Dish had the potential to be an amazing albeit super trendy bonding endeavor. Too bad it failed miserably.

  4. This is so new to me, the dishing and health code violation. That is disappointing but glad you are voicing out your opinion so other customers who have small kids like yours wont go through the same experience.

  5. I'm so sorry that you did not have a good time. That is just wrong that they said your baby is a heath violation.