Friday, August 1, 2014

Fried Zucchini

This was my FAVORITE summer snack as a child. I hate to cook, but kitchen gadgets make it better. Please note several items in this recipe were bought using coupons obtained by emailing the company.

I have this slicer The Pro Smart Slicer , that my husband and son decided we needed during a demonstration at BJS Wholesale Club. It also came with two"Free"  sets of Forever Sharp Knives. The knives were free for listening to the presentation, I thought I was going to save money by not having them go through the store with me. As usual I WAS WRONG!  I think this was the first time I used the Pro Smart Slicer. Though I have used the "Free Knives" several times. 

1. Slice the Zucchini

2. Put butter and oil in an electric skillet.I use a Presto Electric Skillet that was a shower gift eight years ago. A small amount of oil and equal to a half stick of butter. I use Kerry Gold Butter and Wesson Oil. Both send high value coupons when you send a complimentary email.  Heat the electric skillet to 350 degrees.
3. Put your zucchini, egg mixed with a tablespoon of water, and flour in three separate trays or dishes.  I use The Pampered Chef Coating Trays,  

4.  Dip the zucchini in egg

5. Next dip the zucchini in flour
6.  Brown in the oil and butter.

7.  Add some pepper to it as they are cooking. I use Watkins Pepper, which is by far the BEST PEPPER I have ever used.

8. After they are browned put them on a paper towel to absorb excess oil and then add cheese to them while it is HOT!  I use Belgioioso cheese. They also send $0.55 coupons when emailing a compliment.

9.Watch out for little hands ready for a snack.. 

10. Serve warm or cold. Also for extra flavor add a drop of vinegar to them! 

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