Friday, August 1, 2014

Good2Grow! Addicting and I don't mind.

A lot of you know me in real life and know that I am extremely pick about what my son consumes. We don't eat fake foods, avoid fast food and even though I HATE to cook, I do it for the health of my family. So I was extremely nervous when Mom's Meet asked me to review JUICE! So often juice is a bunch of chemicals and not real ingredients. But all of the ingredients in Good2Grow are REAL food and not chemicals.

Good2Grow was kind enough to send coupons for free products for my son to try via Mom's Meet. It was a HUGE hit and now every time we go to Safeway he adds Good2Grow to the cart! They come with cool charters for lids which make them SPILL PROOF too!

You can go here for a coupon for a FREE SIX PACK with the purchase of a SINGLE Serve bottle.

I also keep them in our cooler for the pool! No Spilling with the awesome tops!

Pictures to come soon, as my computer was broken for a for a long time!

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