Friday, November 14, 2014

Campus Books-Operation Smile.- Rent your text books to other students!

Have you heard of Campus Book Rentals ? I am very jealous that today's college students don't have to wait in long lines and hope to find decent quality used books. When I was in college WAY  back in 2000 there weren't many other affordable options for college text books they could easily cost $500 to $600 a semester.That was over 10 years ago, so I am sure it is much, much more today!

When you rent books from Campus Book Rentals it is just like having your own books without the extra costs and having an unneeded expensive book at the end of the semester. ( I have a stack of $200 Linguistics Books that I NEVER needed when I taught, even though it was a required course.)

Campus Books
  • Allows you to highlight in the rented text books 
  • Flexible rental periods! Great for any college!
  • Free shipping BOTH WAYS! 
  • SAVE 40 to 90% off books! ( STOP OVER PAYING THE COLLEGE NOW they have enough of your money) 
  • They also donate to an awesome organization called Operation Smile
    •   Operation Smile is a medical organization that helps children born with cleft palates. 

Do you already own expensive text books? Campus Book Rentals now has an amazing program called Rent Back   The programs allows college students to rent textbooks they already own to other college students.  

Again back when I was in college the school book store would offer $4 for a book that was in new condition that I previously bought new for $300! This option will allow the owner to make two to four times the money than what the school book store would offer to buy their books!   

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